Results, Rankings and Medals


Look on this page to find out your current Birkie ski event results as they come available on your event day.

You will find past results on Zone4, just search BIRK.


The 2022 Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival  31/55 km results will be posted on the Worldloppet website. Check the Worldloppet Global Ranking for your name three days after you cross the In-person Birkie finish line. The Canadian Birkebeiner ski events are listed on the new Worldloppet Ski Marathon Calendar.


There will be no medals awarded for the 2021 Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Events. In-person Birkie results by age category for each day will be available for viewing.

Age Group Categories

  • 18 to 30
  • 31 to 40
  • 41 to 50
  • 51 to 60
  • 61 to 70
  • 70 plus