Para-Nordic Skiing

Brian McKeever 55 km Birkie Lite 2013 Winner, Olympian, Paralympian and Canadian Champion

Did you know that Para-Nordic athletes participate in the Birkie?

Over the years the Birkie has hosted a number of Para-Nordic participants and athletes in our event, about 2-6 people/year. So if you need inspiration to keep going, keep your eyes open for them!

Para-Nordic skiing is the sport of cross-country skiing and biathlon for participants and athletes with a physical/intellectual impairment as defined by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). “Para” comes from the Greek meaning (“beside” or “alongside”). The IPC does not formally use the term “Para-Nordic”. Canada has adopted the term which means “parallel” Nordic sport to indicate how it exists side by side with able-bodied skiers.

Cross Country Canada (CCC) supports and promotes Para-Nordic skiing at all levels. See CCC’s programs with Para-Nordic.

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