Birkie Saturday

Whether you are competing for a medal, conquering a personal challenge, or just out to have fun with friends and family, there is an event for you!

55 km with Pack Torskeklubben Birkebeiner

Recreate the legend of the original Birkebeiner skiers by carrying the equivalent of the infant crown prince, a 5.5 kg (12 lb) pack. A point-to-point course from the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village rolls and winds along the east edge of Elk Island National Park and through the scenic Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area.  Click here for details.

55 km Birkie Lite

Looking for a personal challenge but want to travel “lite” (i.e., without the pack)? Try the same distance without the extra weight. Skiers travel the same course as the Birkebeiner with-pack skiers. Click here for details.

31 km Birkie Tour

A fun event geared to those wanting to ski an intermediate distance, testing their skill and stamina. A point to point course covering much of the 55 km trail with the same start and finish lines. Click here for details.

13 km Global Edmonton Mini Birkie

A loop course for those who want a taste of the Birkebeiner. Skiers in this event vary in age and ability, but they all seek the thrill of crossing the finish line! This event starts and finishes at the Waskehegan Staging Area. Click here for details.

4 or 8 km Imperial Oil Birkie Fun Ski

This NEW recreational ski event is designed for beginner to intermediate adult skiers. The trail is a loop so you can decide to ski 4 or 8 kilometres. Click here for more details.

2 or 4 km Birkie Ole’s Tour

Parents and their kids can enjoy Ole’s Tour ski event together. You can choose to do this 2 km loop once or twice.  Click here for details.

Birkie Saturday Schedule

8:50 am Long start program
9:00 am 31 km and 55 km 1st wave start
9:15 am 31 km and 55 km 2nd wave start
9:30 am 31 km and 55 km 3rd wave start
9:40 am 31 km and 55 km start closed
10:50 am 2/4 km start program
11:00 am 2/4 km Ole’s Tour start
11:15 am 2/4 k start closed
Noon Medal Ceremony
12:30 pm Liquor sales begin
1:00 pm Medal Ceremony
1:25 pm 4/8/13 km start program
1:30 pm 13 km 1st wave start
1:45 pm 13 km 2nd wave start
2:00 pm 13 km start closed
2:00 pm 4/8 km start
2:00 pm Medal Ceremony
3:00 pm Medal Ceremony
4:30 pm Liquor sales end
5:15 pm Finish Line closes