Birkie Training Group Mid-week Dryland Session SOLD OUT

Course Content:

This course will require a pair of cross country ski poles.  Ideally they should be 5 – 10 cm shorter than your regular classic poles, but you could use your winter classic poles.  Activities will align with cross country skiing, starting with balance drills progressing to ski walking, ski striding and ski bounding.  Strength and core work will be a key component of these training sessions  All sessions will start with a whole body muscle activation warm up.  The aim is to acquire ski-specific fitness and technical transferable cross country ski skills.

You should have at least average fitness to take this course.  You do not need to be a cross country skier as you will obtain many skills that will be transferred from dryland to snow.  There will be minimal running.  This course will be beneficial to those who have never cross country skied to experienced skier, as efficient technique will be the focus.

COVID 19 protocols may be in effect during all Birkie training classes.  Instructor will email you prior to class with any instructions.


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Dates and Times:
5 sessions; 10 am – 11:30 am; Tuesdays starting September 28, 2021
Class Dates:
September 28, 2021
October 5, 12, 19 and 26, 2021 

Minimum of six registrants needed to run the session.
NO REFUNDS if the course is run, including for illness/COVID

Lower Gold Bar Pavilion shelter (10955 50 Street) unless otherwise notified by the instructor.  Email will be sent day before as other locations may be used, such as Gallagher Hill.

Equipment: Bring cross country ski poles, preferably 5 – 10 cm shorter than your regular classic length, but not mandatory, as longer poles will be better for the double poling drills; and ankle resistance bands.  A yoga mat will be beneficial.

Additional Information: During this course the social distancing guidelines of 2 m will be followed.

Availability of restrooms during training will be dependent on City of Edmonton and/or AHS directions.

Instructor:  Joy Mekechuk is a CANSI Level 3 Instructor.  She is a Birkie Instructor, Edmonton Nordic Ski Club coach and avid Birkie racer.

CANSI = Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors